Christmas is around the corner people- already just six weeks away! That means its time to start thinking about the formidable activity known as “Christmas shopping.” Every holiday season, the same question comes to mind; what unique item to give your loved one that nobody else has. And in the age where we can slap our names and faces on anything from flash drives to birthday cakes, this is fairly easy to accomplish (and always a winner with the grandparents). Take a look at these two ads for custom Christmas ornaments. Which one makes you want to put on an ugly sweater, pour some eggnog and deck-out your halls?


Ad no. 2 is the winner here. Penned by Boost Media writer, Kristofe, it’s CTR of  6.2% beat out the target’s 2.5% – an increase of 151%.

WinOfWeek_PersonalCreations_Target WinOfWeek_PersonalCreations


The Original Ad

So the search is on for that special something to slap your face/kid’s faces on and give to Grandma. Whatever you pick, this add guarantees you “Free Personalization On Every Gift;” word for word. It calls you to “Shop” their selection of ornaments. This message is to the point and is nothing special.


The Winning Ad

This ad does what the first fails to do: turn an obvious action into an imagined experience. “Customize Your Christmas” already sounds like a fun project. It beckons you to imagine all the different possibilities, from coasters to casserole carriers. You really could pimp out your holiday to the max. And by ordering “Unique” and “Personalized” ornaments, you can easily spice up both your décor and gift arsenal.


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