Planes, trains and automobiles. But what about the good ole fashioned bus? If you’re trying to get somewhere that’s no more than 3 hours away,  wheels are a great option. Buses these days are tricked out with reclining seats, legroom and Wi-Fi- not to mention they’re cost effective. For those who are unsure or hadn’t considered it before, one bus transportation company set out to win them over.


Take a look at these two PPC ads. Which one makes you want to buy a ticket and hit the road?



If you picked ad #2, you’ll be comfortably cruising. Written by Boost Media writer, ‘koresh’,  the winning ad’s CTR of 1.8% beat out the original’s rate of 0.27%. That’s a 574% increase in CTR. Here’s why:


The Original Ad

Wasting character space is a mistake we’ve cautioned about many a time. “Express Bus Service” tells the consumer nothing about what the experience would be like. “Buy Online for Lowest Fares Today!” is also a standard line in template transportation ads. This ad’s not doing a great job of convincing us.


The Winning Ad

This ad spells out all the winning features of the bus company’s vehicles: “Seats Are Comfy and Prices Are Low.” So clearly you’ll enjoy the benefits of a comfortable ride at a low cost. What more could you want? The sense of urgency in “Stop Waiting” and “Book Your Fare Now,” push the consumer to make up their mind. And let’s face it, sometimes we need that extra kick to decide on a purchase. This ad is both informative and encouraging, which holds a lot of appeal to an undecided consumer.


When it comes to winning over a consumer, listing incentives and not wasting character space on less important details is crucial. The best way of finding out if your ads are convincing or not is by continually testing.


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