This week, we saw a 226% CTR increase for kickboards. Take a look at these two PPC ads and choose your gold medalist.


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Penned by Boost Media writer “chigga102” the ad on the left is the winner. It’s CTR of 1.5% beat out the original ad’s CTR of 0.45%. Let’s take a closer look at the two and see why.

The Original Ad

This ad starts with the alternative Call to Action of “Train.” Think of it this way- you’re not just buying a regular piece of equipment for kicks (pun intended). You’re doing so to help achieve some larger purpose, which, in this instance, may be to teach a kid how to swim. Not only are training a novice, but you could be nurturing a future Olympian. A far stretch, I know, but it got your mind moving in some direction. This ad does a great job of putting an intention behind the action, and whether it resonates with you or not, it creates an graspable idea. So now that you’ve got it in your head, the ad then motivates you to take the next logical step, which is to “Shop” for those kickboards, “Now,” and stop wasting time.


The Boost Creative Network Ad

This ad took the complete opposite direction. It doesn’t create any of the emotional appeal or inspiration that the winning ad does. It arouses a certain urgency as well, but around something entirely different- the monetary features. It focuses more on buying the kickboard while the savings and free shipping lasts, rather than buying it to get in the pool ASAP. Although the intention of buying a kickboard certainly is to do this, this ad focuses more on buying for the sake of buying.

Once again, creating emotionally compelling ads always win in the end.

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