Football: the most popular sport and a cherished pastime in American culture. Whether you’re prepping for a Monday night gathering or cheering on your kid from a bleacher, it’s a major fall festivity that can be enjoyed by both young and old. For many youngsters out there who dream of being the star quarterback on their high school team, this is their time to shine. If you’re a parent of a young athlete, you know that safety comes first. That’s why this leading football equipment website decided to up their game this season. Take a look at the two and guess which one “rushed more yards.”


TargetYouthFootball WinnerYouthFootball


Well played by Boost Media writer, “chigga102,” the second ad beat the first 2.66% to 1.58%. That’s a 69% increase. Let’s look at the play by plays.


The Original Ad

This is a clearly templated ad that is repetitive and uninspiring. It is pertinent since it contains the search terms “Youth,” “Football” and “Helmets,” but that’s about it. It does suggest finding a good deal buy using the phrase “Save On.” However, it’s generic and wouldn’t catch the eye of a nervous parent.


The Winning Ad

Safety equipment is like medicine or technology; always developing and improving. The first line, “The Next Generation of Protection, ” assures the consumer that they’ll find the most advanced and up to date gear at this site. And in this case, the consumer is the concerned parent, who knows you can’t put a price tag on safety.“Shop Quality Helmets for Your Son,” personally appeals to the parent who is looking to find the best option for their kid, so they don’t get their head knocked off. The term “Shop,” also implies that you have options, like you would if you were in a sports equipment store. By using a term as subjective as “son,” this ad creates psychological pull to a parent.

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