All right, people, put yourself in this hypothetical situation: You’ve found “the one” and you want to pop the question. But first—you need a ring. And you probably don’t have a casual $1.25 mill to throw down on a 15-carat rock like the one Kim K sports these days (we can’t all be Kanye). So you’re on a bit of a budget, but you don’t want to compromise quality. Where does a savvy deal-finder like you turn? The Internet, duh.

Picking an engagement ring online could be as daunting as doing it in person. After all, you have to choose the one ring your beloved will wear for the rest of their life (no pressure). So, ads need to do an especially good job of grabbing your attention. That’s why this online jewelry retailer decided to make their ads sparkle a little brighter than the rest. Which one catches your eye?


loser winner2


If you picked ad #2, then your hypothetical lady would be sure to say “yes.” Penned by Boost Media writer, “chigga102,” the winning ad blew the loser’s away with an incredible CTR increase of 852%, and for obvious reasons.


The Winning Ad

This ad describes exactly what you are looking to do, which is specifically to “Wow” your beloved. “Wow” is a serious call-to-action, since it conveys that you will literally win them over. And, you can still do this without breaking the bank. Saying “Budget” and “Affordable” instead of “low-cost” or “inexpensive” also implies that you’re not “cheap,” but “parsimonious.” Catch our drift? Simple word upgrades can make a heap of difference when it comes to getting the consumer to enter into a certain mindset. In this instance, you get the shopper to focus on what’s really important, which is the person and not the ring. This ad gets this message across, without even mentioning shipping. Why waste the space, because what does shipping really matter when it comes to love!?


The Original Ad

One word: template. There’s nothing about this ad that speaks to the consumer, unless they really care about free shipping. Although, if that is a determining factor, then the proposer has their priorities all wrong (ahem, red flag). Usually, we like when our search terms show up in our ads. But when it comes to shopping for something as important as an engagement ring, a nervous guy needs to click on something that will help steer him to the right mindset.


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