New York Fashion Week is undoubtedly the most important time in the Fashion World. Throngs of celebrities, fashion bloggers and style gurus watch the runway in anticipation for the must-have items to add to their wardrobes. Whatever the hot tickets of this season may be, from crop tops to tartan skirts, online shoppers will want to get their mouses on the edgiest items- and fashion marketers will want to step up their creative game. Take a look at these two ads from the same fashion e-tailer:


TARGET copy   WINNER copy

Can you guess which ad is the winner?


Ding, ding ding! It’s number two. Written by Boost Media writer “giavi,” it increased CTR by 204%. Where the original ad had a 1.7% CTR, the new ad has a 3.25% CTR.


Let’s take a look as to why ad number two is our “Best Dressed.”


The Original Ad


The original ad immediately starts with ‘buy,’ a CTA. When it comes to shopping for clothes online, “buy” may not resonate with female shoppers, who are engaging in an experience rather than a simple transaction.

The use of the term ‘latest’ may also be a turn off. Just because something is new doesn’t necessarily make it fashionable—like all those crash and burn fads. Remember pajama jeans?

‘Free shipping and returns’ is a standard feature for most online boutiques. A nice perk, but not necessarily an attractive line in ad copy.


The Winning Ad


Whereas the original ad implies what the shopper is looking for, the winning ad says it first: ‘Trendy R13 clothing.’ Here, ‘trendy’ trumps ‘latest,’ in that you’re guaranteed to find that lusted- after item, right here, on this site.

Instead of mentioning the less glamorous side of online shopping– shipping and returns– Boost’s ad says ‘Shop Online Today.’  This conveys ease, as if you were virtually perusing the racks. Offering an experience rather than a transaction is the key here.

Speaking of keys- the winning ad even includes the use of Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI), which is typically an AdWords best practice. Boost’s ad still overcame their ad without using DKI. Beat that!


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