Halloween is happening this Friday, and that means the holiday season is officially upon us. Before you know it, it’ll be Thanksgiving. Then, you’ll blink for a second and wake up hungover on your couch watching the Rose Bowl on NYD. It really is true when they say, “time flies when you’re having fun.” With the many upcoming festivities, are you prepared to entertain? Whether you’re throwing a Halloween bash or hosting an annual family gathering, you’ll need to be properly equipped. That’s why this leading home goods retailer is serving up their best to make sure you can do the same.

Which of these two ads is more inviting? If you RSVP’d ‘yes’ to the second, then you know you’ll have a good time. Penned by “john.whipple,” this ad’s CTR of 1.9% beat out the original ad’s 1.0% by a 90% difference.




The Original Ad

So you have a big party coming up and you’re looking for some vehicle to serve your experimental spiced cocktail on. You need a nice tray, platter, or whatever you call it.

The heading line of this ad has a Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI), so whatever relevant term you go with will appear in the ad, after the name of the retailer. Easy enough. The first description line states what you’re trying to do- “Find Platters & More Serveware.” The name of the retailer appears twice in three lines, which is repetitive and unnecessary. “Shop Now!” calls you to click on the site, but are you sold? The ads main selling point is the name of the retailer, which may or may not matter much.

The Winning Ad

Like the original ad, the winning ad has DKI in the heading line, so you know the ad will be relevant to what you’re searching for. But instead of giving you some generic CTA like “Find” or “Shop,” this ad takes it to the next level. Think about why you’re buying a platter in the first place. If you didn’t want to throw a tasteful party, then you’d use paper plates instead of a platter. By creating a vision, one of of you “Effortlessly Entertain in Style,” a standard is set. Where the first ad is ambiguous, this ad’s description distinguishes your gathering from a frat party. That’s why, for someone who is serious about throwing a sophisticated party, this ad is more appealing. It serves an aspiration to you on a platter (pun intended).


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