This week’s contest was for something terribly exciting- neutral floor cleaner. Shopping for cleaning products isn’t as fun as shopping for clothes or techie gadgets, but its something we all have to do once in a while- like going to the dentist.  Bust just because cleaning products are not as fun, doesn’t mean their ads can’t be catchy.


Take a look at these two ads. Which approach do you reckon worked the best?


                     Ad#1                                                                       Ad#2

Screenshot 2015-03-25 16.09.17


In this case, the winner was ad number one. Written by Boost Media writer, “faust1,” this ad’s CTR of 0.029% beat out the original ad’s rate of 0.007%. That’s a 300% CTR increase. Let’s take a look as to why…


The Boost Creative Network Ad

When it comes to researching and buying household necessities, consumers are on the lookout for the best of the best. In this case, the shopper knows that they want a neutral floor cleaner. Instead of listing features about the product, this ad lets its benefits really shine here. The line “Keep Your Facility Clean & Spotless,” is a great display of the product’s abilities. It creates the right enticement that motivates the shopper with ideas of what the product can help them achieve. So what are you waiting for? The CTA “Shop…Now,” creates that sense of urgency to make the purchase and fulfill your intentions, and get the job done.


The Original Ad

This ad says nothing about the product – neither features nor benefits are described. Only one feature of the retailer is mentioned, and it’s their expansive selection of products. The CTA to “Search…Over 900,000+ Products!” does not sound fun, does it? This could overwhelm the shopper, who just wants to quickly find and buy an effective, neutral floor cleaner. In this case, the ad failed to turn an otherwise dull purchase around.


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