If you’ve ever heard of or had Tinnitus, you can either imagine or know how irritating it is. If you haven’t heard of the condition, here’s a funny point of reference (although Tinnitus really is a serious, unfortunate affliction).

The buzzing, ringing, screeching – not a pleasant sensation. Take a look at these two ads and decide for yourself which one you’d click on if your ears were in pain.


WinOfWeek_Tinnitus copy WinOfWeek_Tinnitus


Written by Boost Media writer, ‘koresh,” the first ad, with a CTR of 4.9%, beat out the second ad’s 1.64%- a whopping 200% increase. Here’s why:


The Original Ad

This ad headlines with “New Tinnitus Treatment.” The word “new” doesn’t always mean better. When it comes to medicine, would you want something new and novice or tried and true? The word “new” is repeated in the body text too. “New Multiflex Technology” sounds fancy, but conveys no guarantee of relief. “Call for a Few Consultation” also fails to deliver any sort of warranty. You might as well sign up to be a mouse in a test lab.


The Winning Ad

This says the complete opposite of the target ad in only a few words. In this instance “Proven” has – well- proven itself against the word “new.” If your ears were ringing in pain, would you rather try something that’s confirmed to help or something that’s new and might help? This ad also does a great job of putting the patient/consumer in the right mindset. If your ears were throbbing, and you hopped on the Internet in a desperate attempt to find help (because don’t we all turn to search engines in dire situations?), this ad would speak to you more. This company knows the symptoms of “Buzzizng, Ringing & Humming,” and maybe more importantly, they know that you “hate” the feeling. The urgency of the situation and the feelings of the consumer are understood, as the best companies can empathize with the needs of their consumers. “Get Real Treatment” is also a straight-to-the-point statement. Nobody in this situation would want to leave room for ifs or maybes.


This analysis is another great testimony to the importance of getting into the consumer mindset. Especially when it comes to medical care, reiterating to the consumer how they feel and what they need has proven to be most effective; and in this case, 200% more so. You’ll only know this if you keep testing and improving your ads.

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