The Spring Break hype is not over, people. Maybe you can’t jet off to Europe for a week like last week’s contest insinuated, but what about a weekend getaway to a city you’ve never been to? Seattle, New Orleans and Denver are just few hours away by plane. That’s why this online travel site gave their ad campaign for NYC hotels a creative facelift.

Take a look at these two ads for hotels on New York City’s Lower East Side. Which one makes you want to take off a well-deserved Friday and explore a new city?

The first ad was the winner here. Produced by Boost Media writer, ‘pinkzebra82,’ this ad’s CTR rate of 3.9% beat out the second ad’s rate of 2.9% by 46%. Let’s dissect the two ads and see why one performed so much better than the other.


The Boost Creative Network Ad

The first line is tailored to fit a certain type of person- someone who may not travel often, yet has a sense of adventure. It states a fact that may or may not be true, bit is intended to inspire – “You’ve Always Wanted to See NYC.” This line gets the shopper emotionally involved, and then the next line hooks them in- “Stop Waiting & Book Your Hotel Now.” Sold. This ad does a fantastic job of creating emotional appeal as well as a sense of urgency. These two elements combined create powerful travel ads that push clicks that create conversions.


The Original Ad

This ad does none of the previous things mentioned. There’s nothing inspiring or exciting about it, other than a price guarantee. And while guaranteeing a low price in certain types of ads can be a deal maker, it’s hasn’t necessarily proven so for travel ads. Ads that create sensation and use urgent CTA’s such as “Stop Waiting” and “Book Now,” always perform better, as testing has proven. That’s why it’s increasingly important to optimize creative on ads for promotional offers.


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