We’re going down to the boondocks to find this week’s ad text winner. Don’t worry- we’re not actually wrestling gators- just ads associated with them. That’s right; alligator-themed parks do exist in this great country. That’s why this week, we’ve chosen two ads for Gatorland, and let ‘em go at it!


gatorland_target(blacked) gatorland_winner(blacked)


Which one do you think came out on top? If you bet on ad #2, congrats- you won yerself a gator fight.  Written by Boost Media writer, “aghaf9999,” it increased CTR by 176%. Where the original ad had a 3.79% CTR, the new ad has a whopping 10.2% CTR.


The Original Ad

The original ad uses the CTAs “Explore” and “See.” Keep in mind this is an ad for a theme park. Would you go to a theme park to do either of these things? Probably not. If you do venture to theme parks, it’s to entertain your kids and indulge in some funnel cake. The phrase ‘Historic Creatures’ is also probably not an accurate description of a gator. ‘Historic Creatures’ resembles T-Rex skeletons rather than a living, thrashing reptile. The ad’s description literally brings them to life.


The Winning Ad

The winning ad does an all around better job of describing the dynamic experience Gatorland offers. Defining the alligators as ‘Real-Life’ rather than ‘Historic’ makes them seem alive and active; which is true. You don’t go to a gator-themed park to watch them sun themselves all day. You want to “Take a Close Look,” of the action, which is exactly what you get to do at Gatorland. Emphasizing the intimacy of the situation, as well as the thrill of an “Action-Packed” is much more enticing than simple verbs like “Explore” and “See.”

It’s all in conveying the experience, friends.


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