Take a look at these two ads, both for high resolution images from a stock-image provider. Which one inspires your next blog post?



If you chose ad #2, you are correct. Written by Boost Media writer, “ComeWhatMay3,” this ad had a CTR of 2.09%. Compare that to the original ad’s rate of 1.38%, and you’ve got a 50% increase in CTR. Here’s why.


The Original Ad

Now, you might think that this ad doesn’t exactly seem terrible. From the headline, we see that they have what we want, which are high-resolution images. Ok, good. Then, from the first body line, we learn that they have “Premium” hi-res images. Ok, good again. Then the second line makes the CTA, “Subscribe Now!” But wait, has this ad said enough to convince you yet? Not us. If you’re a blogger or frequently use stock images, you know that subscriptions get you the biggest bang for your buck. Naturally, you’d want to subscribe to the site with the best images. You can’t browse every stock image site out there, so the ads that you do click on obviously need to be compelling enough to make you do so. That’s exactly what the winning ad succeeded in doing.


The Boost Creative Network Ad

This ad’s headline starts out with a CTA, “Buy Hi-Resolution Images.” This call demands the shopper’s attention. But wait, it gets better. The body lines have two more CTAs. “Picture This!” is said to get a blogger motivated. Because why else are you looking for stock images? You’re looking for that perfect photo to compliment your post. The next line, “Access millions of stock photos from top artists,” give us all the details. We learn that this site not only has high resolution images, but in mass quantities too. You also know that they’ll be high quality since they are from “top artists.” This ad doesn’t need to make any call to buy or subscribe- it’s given us all the important details to sway our clicks.


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