If an upcoming vacation is on your mind, then you’re probably itching to get away. Lucky for you, travel promotions are in full force right now. That’s why this UK-based travel reservations site upped their ad game to help create the ultimate Spring Break getaway.


Take a look at these two ads. They are both search results for apartments in Nerja, a municipality in the south of Spain. They have the same headlines and URLs, but each of their body copies says something radically different.


Which PPC ad starts to get you daydreaming about sangria and flamenco? Ad #1 did it for us. Penned by Boost Media writer, “leann085 this ad’s CTR rate of 18.13% beat out Ad #2’s rate of 5.21%. That’s a whopping 248% increase in CTR. Let’s compare.


The Original Ad


This ad tells us just one thing about the apartments, and that is the starting price. Yes, a low price is convenient, but if you’ve ever travelled in Europe before, you know that price isn’t everything. It’s highly likely that you could wind up in some dilapidated flat without heat and a communal bathroom. Now that got you to reconsider your priorities, didn’t it? Neither benefits nor other incentives are listed in this ad. It just lists two optional CTAs, to “Book” or “Enquire” today. Not very convincing.


The Boost Creative Network Ad


This ad, on the other hand, does something radically different in just two little lines. It starts off with a powerful CTA, “Explore.” It reminds you that first and foremost, you’re going abroad to explore, savor, live- what have you. Your lodgings really should come secondary. But, even better, this site can provide you with a “Cheap” yet “Cosy” apartment. So now that you’re dreaming of flamenco dancing and having magdalenas and café con leche on the terrace of your flat, what are you waiting for? “Reserve Now!” and these fantasies can become realities. And boom- that’s how trips are booked.


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