Sometimes people look at a small tweak and think, could a little thing like that really matter all that much?

Well, yes. Emphatically “Yes!” Little things like:

  • Moving keywords form the end to the front of phrases
  • Moving key persuasive elements from the second line of body copy up to the first
  • Moving key elements from the first line up to the headline
  • Adding or removing small adjectives and modifiers
  • Including a Call to Action vs. skipping the CTA
  • Fitting in an extra use of a key search term, and
  • Swapping out synonyms to spin spinn different connotations

These things can all matter a great deal. Sometimes not, but on average, yes, these little things improve performance, but you won’t know until you test them. And here’s a perfect example:

Here’s what you should notice:

  • The key search term “VX Pro” is at the beginning of the headline for the winning ad, and at the end of the headline for the losing ad.
  • The key term “VX Pro” platform is repeated again on the first line for the winning ad, and a more generic, related set of terms is used on e first line of the losing ad.
  • The winning ad ends with an imaginable Call to Action while the losing ad is totally missing a Call to Action.

Of course, if you’re really an ad copywriting pro, you won’t even consider these things “Little” anymore. They’ll seem more like proven best practices, instead, which is actually what they are. And testing them out on your ads should form a key part of your ad optimization strategy.

So, yeah, these “little” things really do matter!