Ad copywriters have a bad habit of writing copy that appeals to them, rather than to the prospect. Sometimes it works out, if the copywriters have roughly the same needs and sensibilities as the prospect. But most of the time it doesn’t.

So check out this ad contest and see if you can’t tell which one was likely written by a 20-something ad writer writing to his own sensibilities and which one was written by an ad writer who did her best at putting herself into the shoes of the prospective customer:

OK, if you’re not sure, here are some hints:

  • Young people think nothing about finding dates on line. Older people still have a slight embarrassment around it.
  • Young people tend to feel that there are “Plenty of fish in the sea,” an over forty single who is trying to find a date through an online dating service might have a slightly more jaundiced view.

So, yeah, Ad B is the ad written to appeal to the audience, and meant to reflect their emotional attitude: “Sick of the Dating Game?”

So it’s no wonder that Ad B outperformed Ad A, boosting CTR by whopping 293%! And that’s why this Ad represents the WIn of the Week.