There’s plenty of data supporting video’s positive influence on purchase behavior. Latest figures show shoppers are 1.81X more likely to make a purchase after viewing a video. But proving the value of specific video campaigns can be challenging. Boost Media shares 3 YouTube advertising hacks to amplify your campaign performance.


1. TrueView for shopping and YouTube shopping ads

Did you know that you can link your Merchant Center Product feed to show ads on YouTube? TrueView for Shopping enables dynamic insertion of product cards into your own YouTube video ads. YouTube shopping ads extend beyond your own video selection to include product cards in other videos featuring your products.

youtube shopping ad screenshot



Customers who click the card are taken directly to the purchase page, as defined within your Merchant Center feed. This not only helps improve ROI of your videos, it provides a good user experience—people can find out how to buy products in the videos they are watching.


TrueView for Shopping and YouTube Shopping ads can be enabled within AdWords by opting your Shopping campaigns into the Search Partner Network and linking your Merchant Center account to your TrueView campaign.


2. Call-to-action buttons

Call-to-action buttons are an underutilized, free text overlay available to promoted videos on YouTube. They shorten the purchase path by linking directly from videos to landing pages on your site. The best part is that these clicks are free—but don’t expect a huge click volume.


YouTube call to action button text overlay screenshot



Once you opt your video into YouTube TrueView advertising you are eligible to show CTA buttons on all video views whether or not the view originated from a paid or organic click. CTA buttons are set up within the video manager on your YouTube channel.



3. YouTube remarketing

Just as you can use AdWords to remarket to customers who have visited your site, you can remarket to people who have watched one of your videos or visited your YouTube channel. There are more granular remarketing list options to test like targeting users who commented, subscribed, or unsubscribed.


You can also reach people on YouTube using your AdWords remarketing lists and vice versa. For example, you could target shoppers who abandoned their cart with a product demo video on YouTube and reach people on the GDN who have watched a product video on YouTube. Moreover, you can target “similar” retargeting lists to reach people similar to those who have viewed your YouTube videos.


selecting remarketing lists for youtube ads


Combining YouTube remarketing and YouTube Shopping Ads is great for reaching an engaged audience with a direct response play. YouTube remarketing is enabled through AdWords by creating a new campaign with the “Video” campaign type and selecting “Remarketing” as the video targeting method.


An estimated 80-90% of global consumer Internet traffic will be video traffic by 2019. It’s time ecommerce brands develop advertising strategies to improve video ROI as consumers ramp up  video usage to engage with brands.



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