Online retailers are on track to close out the 2014 holiday with another record-breaking season, according to the latest e-commerce report from predictive analytics platform Custora.


In the first two weeks of December (Dec-2 to Dec-14), US e-commerce orders grew 16.5% over the equivalent time period in 2013, with revenue up 15.6%. This continues a strong holiday shopping season so far – for the entire holiday shopping season to date (Nov 1 thru Dec 14), e-commerce revenue is up 15%, and orders are up 15.5% over the same time period in 2013.


The report also shows  that mobile shopping continues to be a significant driver of online sales.  Mobile shopping on mobile phones and tablets accounted for almost a quarter of online shopping on December 2 to 14: 24.3% of orders. That’s a significant jump from only 18.2% for the same time frame in 2013.


Custora also points out that while Apple still dominates e-commerce, Android devices are not far behind.  As described in our E-Commerce Mobile Report and during Thanksgiving weekend, Android devices were stealing e-commerce share from Apple’s iPhones and iPads. The same trend continues post-Cyber Monday: The vast majority of mobile shopping happened on Apple devices during Dec 2-14 – 78.7%, while only 20.8% happened on Android devices. However, Apple’s share is down from 84% on last year, while Android’s share is up from 15.5%.


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