In preparation for Google’s October 26th deadline, Boost launches expanded text ads for customers across all devices

San Francisco – August 4, 2016 – Boost Media, the leader in creative optimization marketing technology, today announced that it has become the industry’s only marketplace to offer full writing and testing support for Google’s expanded text ads (ETAs) with speed and scale. The news comes in the wake of Google’s announcement that new ETAs are officially live across all devices.


“With the historic departure from Google’s desktop-optimized ad format to a new, mobile-optimized format, advertisers find themselves faced with a massive problem as they race to rewrite billions of ads by the October 26th deadline,” said Tim Krozek, CEO of Boost Media. “To remain competitive in the search marketing landscape, they have to figure out a way to properly leverage 50% more copy space. Without a dedicated team focused solely on the upgrade, the task is monumental. Boost offers advertisers the perfect solution.”


Since the initial beta launch of ETAs in May, more than one third of Boost’s customers have launched ETA testing in up to 50% of their accounts. Boost has written and deployed tens of thousands of expanded text ads through the Boost platform. ensuring its customers will be ready well in advance of Google’s mandatory transition deadline.


“Boost offers the only platform that solves the problem of ad copy creation and testing at scale,” said Josh Franklin, Manager, Search Marketing at The Honest Company. “Our click-through rate and conversions have skyrocketed with improved ads. Through testing, we can find phrases that resonate across a category and apply insights to the whole company,” he said.


Boost Media is the only marketing solution that helps advertisers by using an Expert Marketplace of thousands of professional copywriters to write, rewrite, and test the 9 billion desktop and mobile ads being impacted by Google’s historic change. Advertisers benefit from optimized digital ad creative, as well as increased ad performance, revenue and conversions.


Boost has more than 200 customers, who are direct advertisers as well as global agencies, including iProspect, The Honest Company, Shutterfly, Liberty Mutual, RetailMeNot, and Jockey. By using the Boost platform to write and test ETAs, Boost’s customers are serving Google and Bing’s latest ad format resulting in performance increases and better customer experiences.


In addition to the company’s text writing platform for search ads, the Boost Creative Platform also offers a solution for marketers to source high-quality, original and resized ad creative for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Display Network, and Pinterest in addition to mobile and video ad networks. To learn more, visit



About Boost Media:

Boost Media is the leading digital ad creative marketplace for marketers managing search, social, video, or display advertising. Boost Media brings together an automated SaaS platform with the largest Expert Marketplace of professional copywriters and designers, to deliver high-quality ad creative and testing insights to marketers.


With thousands of experienced copywriters and designers in the Expert Marketplace, Boost Media can provide the scale and speed to meet the most fast-paced and complex digital campaigns. Based in San Francisco, Boost Media has delivered more than one million optimized digital ads to more than 200 leading global brands. To learn more about Boost Media, visit us