Since 1967 Americans look forward to one thing in the winter time, one of the biggest sporting events of the year The tackles, penalties, halftime show and of course the commercials. In the past few years we’ve seen GoDaddy heat up their advertisements, Budweiser pull at our heartstrings and many other brands try to capture our attention. Many of us watch the big game just for the commercials.

Fun fact: The cost for a 30 second commercial spot in 1967 was roughly around $40,000. That’s nothing compared to the 2014 price tag of roughly $4 million!

The hype of the ads gets bigger and bigger as the years go by and with the use of social media brands instantly know whether or not their $4 million investment was a win or a bust. Let’s take a trip together and relive some of the most iconic Super Bowl ads from past games and see how the commercials have changed throughout the years.

No Nox Gas – 1968


Gillette Techmatic Razor – 1969

Prestone w/ Dick Butkus – 1970

Vitalis Dry Control – 1972

Noxema – 1973

Coca-Cola – 1980

Apple Macintosh – 1984

Diet Pepsi – 1989

Budweiser – 1995

Do you remember any great Super Bowl commercials we didn’t list here?

Share them with us in the comments below!