Continuing our getting started guide for Facebook Ads, Boost Media will key in this week on how to generate effective creative for Facebook ads. If you haven’t already, check out the first installment of this series where we cover Facebook Ad objectives, budget, and campaign management practices; and the second installment, where we review Facebook Ads targeting options.


How do I generate the right creative for Facebook Ads?

We thought you’d never ask, but we’re happy you did. Creative is Boost’s bread and butter. Creative should be designed with your campaign goals in mind. If you’re trying to grow video views, your creative, CTA (call-to-action), and the ad type you chose will be different than if you’re trying to generate retail purchases from Facebook Ads.


Let’s break this question down further:


Where do I get ideas for generating Facebook ad creative?


A good place to start when generating creative ideas is reviewing past performance of organic Facebook posts. Has there been a particular piece of content you’ve shared in the past that went viral? Remember, the point of running Facebook Ads is to reach a larger audience than your current follower-base, so all creative needs to be tested, even if something similar has performed well organically in the past. What works for one audience in one context may not apply universally.


Another good source of creative ideas is your content calendar or marketing calendar. You can create Facebook ad campaigns and ad creative to support your brand’s events and product launches, play off of industry events, and capture attention related to seasonality and holidays.


Once your ads are up and running, you can analyze performance and make data-driven decisions on which imagery and copy drive the best results. We will cover reporting more in next week’s installment of this multi-part series.


What are some best practices for generating Facebook ad creative?


Take a look at the Boost Knowledge Base, which has a great library of free content covering creative best practices. Start with this one sheet on Facebook creative tips, and our guide to Facebook Video Ads.


How do I produce Facebook Ad creative?


One quick way to get started with generating creative for Facebook Ads is to simply promote your organic posts. This will help test the waters with Facebook Advertising. For more sophisticated campaign goals, you’ll need to create specialized ads.


Facebook offers ad templates, but these can quickly become stale because everyone is using them. Be proactive with regularly switching out your templates to avoid ad fatigue.


Some advertisers hire in-house designers or work with creative agencies. You can also work with Boost Media. We have a team of expert designers and copywriters who can create, edit, and resize any Facebook ad unit for you—at scale. Learn more at


How do I know which ad types to run?

You can’t tackle ad creative production without understanding what ad unit and ad specs you are building for.


There are multiple types of ad units, many of which have names that confusingly seem to involve permutations of the words “page,” “like,” and “post.” When you are getting started, you don’t need to understand every single ad type and what it does—just focus on your objectives.


Most ad types correspond to different objectives like driving mobile app installs or generating leads. There are a few ad formats not specific to campaign objectives: Canvas Ads, which are an immersive mobile-only ad type; and Carousel Ads, which provide an opportunity to tell a story or link to different products as users scroll through multiple photos.


What about Instagram Ads creative?

For many brands, running Instagram Ads is a no-brainer from a campaign management standpoint since they’re run through the Facebook Ads Manager. With regard to Instagram ad creative, it’s important to remember that users have a different expectation about imagery they experience on Instagram—it doesn’t always work to run the same creative on Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, the ad specs are different between the two platforms. At the very least, you need to customize accordingly. To help you get started, review the Boost’s guide to Instagram creative.


Where to go from here


Having effective ad creative will improve your customer experience, help to better qualify and convert the audience clicking on your ads, and enable you to get more value out of every dollar you spend on Facebook advertising.


Stay tuned for the fourth installment of this series where we will cover conversion tracking and reporting for Facebook Ads.