With another Grammy’s in the books this year’s show certainly paid homage to the legends of yesteryear. Throughout the evening many artists from old and new came together to remind us of how music is so timeless. It is a journey that allows us to be transformed, encouraged; restored. Here are some inspirationally creative moments throughout the 2014 Grammys.


1. Lincoln’s (New) Brand Story – How to Say Hello, Again

The new offspring from WPP and Ford, Hudson Rouge, is telling a story that I absolutely love. It resonates with me strongly at and Boost as we are focusing on telling the evolutionary story of creative.



2. MasterCard – Priceless Surprises

Building on it’s ‘Priceless’ slogan, MasterCard has launched an incredibly strong new campaign called ‘Priceless Surprises’. Built on the premise that being a cardholder can afford you priceless surprises, like a drop-in from your favorite artist Justin Timberlake, it’s sure to carry social merit.


3. Pepsi Grammy’s #Halftime

In terms of sheer creativity, this was a great exhibition of creativity. Pepsi worked with top NFL legends and musicians alike to turn the Grammy’s on its head. By offering an NFL ‘Halftime’ at the Grammy’s, artists were honored with some fun-loving performances by likes of Terry Bradshaw, Deon Sanders and Ditka.


4. Google – Play Your Heart Out

Google is going straight for the heart.  This new context sensitive spot communicates the transformation of Google’s products in life, leaving consumers touched and motivated.


5. Target – Shakira

I liked the fact that this commercial was about the context of the Grammy’s and not pushing CPG products. It allowed Shakira to tease her new music with an exclusive offer only available at Target. Looking at length alone, this spot proved to be a strong brand alignment play, while staying true to the context of the programming (The Grammy’s).


Bonus: Pharrell’s Hat

Need I say more. Pharrell’s Hat stole the show at the 2014 Grammy’s .

pharrell's hat


A few notable mentions on the artist side: Pharrell+Daft Punk+Stevie Wonder, Pink’s aerial performance, Katie Perry’s dark performance, Jay-Z and Beyonce’s opener, Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar and the many homages to the Beatles. Any others?