Facebook video is becoming increasingly popular with one billion more daily video views than YouTube. From video profile pictures to Facebook Live streaming video, Facebook’s 1.5 billion users are adopting video as the medium of choice, and it’s time for brands to stand up and take note. What do you need to do to get your brand started with Facebook video ads? Boost Media has the answers with the following Q&A.


Facebook video ads Q&A


How much do video ads cost? As with other forms of Facebook advertising, video ads are auction-based with CPC bidding. You can set your own bids and budget.


What are the targeting options for video ads? Targeting is the same for video ads as it is for other types of ads. You can use custom audiences, behavior or interest targeting, demographic targeting, and more.


What devices do video ads show on? Video ads can show on all devices unless you specify otherwise. Because 65% of Facebook videos are watched on mobile, it’s important to consider the mobile audience first.


How do I set up a video ad? When you create a new ad, select “Video Views” as your objective. Facebook will optimize ad serving to drive views. You can also set up video ads using Power Editor with these step-by-step instructions.


What is the user experience like? Video ads autoplay silently in the user’s news feed until the user clicks the video to hear the sound.


Can I reuse my YouTube videos or TV commercials as Facebook video ads? Maybe. It’s important that Facebook video ads stand on their own without sound because of the auto-play feature.


Can I show video ads on Instagram through Facebook Ads? Yes. The only catch is that Instagram has slightly different specs for video ads. Be sure to create video ads that meet the requirements to show on both Facebook and Instagram.


What kind of reporting is available? Facebook video ad metrics are limited compared to what is available in YouTube Analytics. You can segment by “Auto-Play” and “Click-To-Play” to understand active versus passive views. You can also see metrics to understand how much of the video your audience is viewing.


How do video ads fit into my current Facebook advertising strategy? Research shows that Facebook ads are most effective when users see a sequence of both video and static image ads. For example, if your goal is to drive conversions, the most effective combination is to show a video and then a static ad.


Where to go from here

Create and test Facebook video ads. If you need help figuring out what video content to create and how to produce it, stay tuned next week as we share 3 tips for optimizing Facebook video ads. Need help sooner than that? Don’t worry, Boost Media has an Expert Marketplace of copywriters and designers who can help you get off to a successful start creating Facebook video ads.