This week’s win of the week features great ad copy, with a mix of  pop culture relevance. In light of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s announcement, we would also like to announce you can get free shipping on Blake Shelton’s greatest country hits. Take a look at these two ads from a country music e-tailer. Note that both ads have very different headlines, but their body copies still have similar focuses. When you’re not too busy reading E! News or Us Weekly, which one would you click?


Ad #1 is the winner here. Written by Boost Media writer, “JudyJudy44,” this ad’s confidence rate was 100% and beat out the original ad’s impressions and action rate. Neither of these ads are poorly written, but both offer very different search options. Let’s see why the boost ad outperformed the other.

The Original Ad – Ad #2

To begin, the headline here is too broad. “Buy classic country music” doesn’t keep the searcher in mind. The Internet has given us any an infinite number of searches, as well as artists on demand, all at the ease of one click. An infinite number of choices has in turn refined and narrowed much of our search words. This means that searchers are looking for specific artists and specific forms of music. The ad becomes more defined and specific in the body. Like the winning ad, this ad does a great job of highlighting “free shipping” as an added perk.

The Boost Creative Network Ad – Ad #1

This headline is more specific. Just as people search particularly for Gwen and Blake celerity news, this ad understand that searchers are looking for specific artists. To take this one step further, the advertiser includes “CDs” to help ensure the searcher is going to click their ad. The CTA here is also unique, as it shows options as well as commanding action. “Look for CDs,” is a great alternative to saying, “buy this.” Rather than creating a sense of urgency, this ad takes a more gentle approach to shopping by suggesting browsing before buying.

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