Creating brand awareness for your business is crucial. You put a lot of time and resources into creating that business you always dreamed of, and now you want other people to see your hard work. Fortunately there are companies to help you gain traction online with business listings. Take a look at the two ads below, both for the same local listing website. They both have the same headline and URL but one significantly surpassed the other in terms of impression and clicks. Can you guess which one took the prize?

The winner here is ad #2. Penned by Boost Media writer, “aghaf9999” the ad had a 289% difference rate and was able to outperform the loosing ad. Let’s find out why.

The Original Ad:

This ad captures the searcher’s attention in the headline, but loses steam in the rest of the body copy. “List your business here,” it says, “enter your business address to start now.” There is no true incentive here. The ad needs to answer why. It should be letting you know what great services you will receive if you enter your business address. The business you built deserves the best. The winning ad delivered a little something extra.

The Boost Network Ad:

This ad truly delivers in terms of body copy. Words like “hugely increase visibility” help paint a picture of what will happen if you sign up for their local listing. Not to mention, ending the ad with “today” provides the clicker with a huge initiative. The ad does a very good job in humanizing the copy and creating a connection between the potential customer and the local listing platform. In other words, the copy lets the searcher know it is there to help.

In The End:

Both ads provide the same service, but which one makes you want to take action? It’s important to make the clicker believe in your product and Ad #2 does a great job of doing that through their creative language in the ad copy.



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