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Posted October 7, 2015 | CATEGORY: Ads, Boost Media, Search

Holiday season is approaching and you know what that means—visiting your favorite in-laws! You spend four long hours on an expensive flight to Kansas City all just to sleep on your in-laws hard, lumpy mattress. Instead of subjecting yourself to overcrowded houses and pre-cooked ham, we want to advise you about some great deals on nearby hotels. Who doesn’t love saving money on flights and hotels, especially during the expensive holiday season? Check out the ads below and see why it’s time to get that hotel without having to splurge.

The winner here is Ad #2. Penned by Boost Media Writer, “aghaf9999,” there was a 206% difference from the original ad. Let’s explore those differences further.


The Original Ad:

With this ad, you know you’re getting a package deal but comparing “1000’s” of them? The words and numbers used can easily overwhelm the searcher. Comparison does have benefits and serves to save the shopper money, but when you use a large number below the subject line it can be distracting and even counterproductive. There are many other ways to promote the savings provided by your service.


The Boost Network Ad:

This ad, on the other hand, does a great job of inspiring action. It reminds the searcher the holidays are coming and that the advertiser wants to help YOU find great deals for your travels. The copy calls for the clicker to find deals and to ultimately pay less for the deals. The ad acknowledges the joint effort behind booking flights and hotels and wants you to know they are here to help!


In the End:

Giving the clicker purpose to use one’s service will only improve CTR and overall impression rates.


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