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Posted March 30, 2016 | CATEGORY: Ads, Boost Media, Search

You finally finished that book you’ve been writing for years. You dedicated many long nights and thousands of hours of research into making your ideas come to life, and you want to make sure your masterpiece ends up in the right hands. Luckily, with the keywords and the most convincing copy, you can find the perfect publisher. Check out the ads below and see why some choices of words are more convincing than others.

Ad #2 is the winner here. Penned by Boost Media writer, “chigga102” there was a 112% difference from the original ad. Lets look deeper into why these differences matter.

The Original Ad

First and foremost, the title copy of the original ad is too specific. “Publish your Book Online” is a great attempt to switch up the title, but the pronoun “your” throws off the search. Consider the action that the ad asks the searcher to take. It is asking the searcher to type “your” book, which is an awkward way to phrase any keyword search.

Secondly, the body copy ads little reassurance to the author or the person searching that their book is in the right hands. “Get your book out there” sounds like you have to do more work after you’ve already spent countless nights working on your story. Very few searchers are going to take the time to figure out a poorly worded ad, especially if it means more work for them in the end. This ad misses out on capturing a very marketable moment.

The Boost Creative Network Ad

The new ad improves the title copy by making it more specific. The searcher now knows, at first glance, that if they click, they’ll get someone to publish their book for them. By using “Let us help you publish your book,” the publishing company does a great job of reassuring the searcher they are the best option for them. The pronoun usage is no longer confusing to the searcher. The publisher also makes it clear that they are experts with 100+ years of experience. Plus, the use of the exclamation point at the end also screams, “look no further.”

In the end

The new ad wins because it is more clearly written. The searcher knows exactly what they’re going to get when they click. Making sure the ad creates a sense of security is important to writing effective PPC ads.


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