It may be the holiday season, but for true football fans, the holiday season kicks off during the NFL playoffs and caps with the Super Bowl. It’s never too early to plan ahead and make sure you have the perfect jersey or t-shirt for when your favorite team heads to the championship game. If you’re reading this and you’re a Seattle Seahawks fan then you are in luck. For fans, this week’s Win of Week come with more than just useful SEM tips, but also includes some greats deals on gear. With a 99% confidence rate, Boost Media’s creative ad is so persuasive it could even turn a 49ers fan into a Seahawks fan (maybe?). Lets look further into these two ads to see what makes one more convincing.

The winning ad here is Ad #2. Written by Boost Media writer, “Gokay53”, this ad’s CTR of 6.7% beat the original ads’ CTR of 2.2%. Lets see why there is a 204% difference.

The Original Ad:

Ad #1 includes some effective copy but not enough to win all the clicks. The ad succeeds at targeting its intended searchers. By letting the clicker know they are going to the “fan shop,” they entice these “fans” through credible and authentic shopping. This ad lacks options and uses demanding copy like “buy.” Ad #2 strategically uses the word “browse” to welcome clickers to their website rather than push them onto your site.

The Boost Creative Network Ad:

The key to a good ad is effective copy. The Boost Ad uses the right keywords to gain interest and clicks from Seahawk fans searching online. First off, the word “browse” is very ideal here. Sports fans can be fanatic and obsessive, so it is important to imply options and opportunities for them to find the perfect Hawks gear. To add to these options, the ad reads “t-shirts, jerseys & more.” This lets the searcher know what they are getting when they click up front.

In the End:

Even if you may not be a Seattle Seahawks fan, one can still appreciate effective keywords and creative copy. The key to a good online ad is always considering audience and their characteristics while guiding them to select your specific advertisement.

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