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The Power of Social
By Rob Lenderman
Posted April 12, 2011  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized
Last week, I mentioned the traditional wisdom of including faces in your Facebook Ad pictures, but cautioned against an unsophisticated application of that “best practice.” Today I’ll take a look at a sophisticated application:

Ads in the Wild – It’s not always about the face
By Rob Lenderman
Posted April 6, 2011  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized
As new a field as Facebook Advertising is, there’s no shortage of “traditional wisdom” and best practices for creating ad content. One such rule of thumb states that images with human faces do better than not.   And for the most part, that’s true: human beings are hardwired to pay attention to faces. So pics […]

Ads In The Wild Follow-Up
By Rob Lenderman
Posted March 22, 2011  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized
Interestingly enough, I’ve received follow-up info on two of the ads that I’ve analyzed in past Ads in the Wild posts. And a lot of insight can be gathered from both follow-ups: 1) Kaplan University’s grand strategy was different than I had suspected The other day I got a phone call from Daniel Yap, the […]

Ads in the Wild: 2 Great Pictures – 2 Very Different Ads
By Rob Lenderman
Posted March 15, 2011  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized
I came across two Facebook ads last week, both of which used some solidly attention grabbing photos. Photos with a hint of story-appeal to them; they kind that beg you to ask for the background story to the moment captured on film. Or at least to ask “what’s the context behind this?” And then the […]

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