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Weekly PPC Update: Going Customer-Centric Edition
By Tom Demers
Posted October 23, 2015  | CATEGORY: Weekly PPC Update
The Christmas decorations and advertisements are popping up in stores and ads near you, and everyone wants to capitalize on good tidings and cheer. As people start thinking about that perfect gift for each of their loved ones, we are ramping up campaigns to help them find exactly what they need. And, we’re making it […]

Weekly PPC Update: Gearing Up for the Holidays Edition
By Tom Demers
Posted October 16, 2015  | CATEGORY: Weekly PPC Update
With Halloween lurking just around the corner and retail stores packing the shelves with holiday products already, there’s no denying that it’s beyond time to get your campaigns in gear for the upcoming holiday shopping season. While some of us started doing our holiday shopping back in June and July (alright, you caught me – […]

Weekly PPC Update: Leveling the Playing Field Edition
By Tom Demers
Posted October 9, 2015  | CATEGORY: Weekly PPC Update
The world of pay-per-click advertising has come a long way since its early days, and opportunities are now abundant for both small businesses and major enterprises. Sure, the big dogs still have an astronomical advertising and marketing budget bigger than a small business’ lifetime earnings so far, but that’s not to say that they have […]

Weekly PPC Update: Cookin’ Up New Features Edition
By Tom Demers
Posted October 2, 2015  | CATEGORY: Weekly PPC Update
Wow, lots of good stuff happening in the world of PPC this week. From more on those “moments that matter” to exciting new capabilities coming to YouTube ads, new innovations for the Google Display Network, a major update to the Bing Ads Editor, and more, Google and Bing have been busy cooking up innovative new […]

Weekly PPC Update: The Case for Mobile PPC Edition
By Tom Demers
Posted September 25, 2015  | CATEGORY: Weekly PPC Update
So, they say 2015 is the Year of Mobile. No, really this time. Clearly, there’s no question that mobile has been dominating digital advertising discussions – and efforts – for several years. Still, some advertisers aren’t yet taking advantage of mobile PPC advertising to capitalize on the ever-growing mobile audience. In today’s Weekly PPC Update, […]

Weekly PPC Update: Welcome to Pumpkin Spice Season Edition
By Tom Demers
Posted September 18, 2015  | CATEGORY: Weekly PPC Update
Next week (Wednesday) is the Fall Equinox, and that means there’s no denying it any longer: Summer is dunzo. For those of you obsessed with pumpkin spice everything, it’s a glorious time of year. Those of you who despise bitter cold winters and snow are probably less than thrilled that those cold months will soon […]

Weekly PPC Update: World Domination Edition
By Tom Demers
Posted September 11, 2015  | CATEGORY: Weekly PPC Update
Google has been eerily quiet this week. Is Google planning its next big move in its quest for world domination? Time will tell. But that’s not to say there’s not a lot of PPC news this week. On the contrary; this week, I have tons of valuable tips and tidbits for optimizing your keywords, better […]

Weekly PPC Update: Lazy Labor Day Edition
By Tom Demers
Posted September 4, 2015  | CATEGORY: Weekly PPC Update
So, Labor Day weekend is finally (or already) upon us, and that spells the official end of the summer season for many. Labor Day, in case you don’t know, is a day created to honor working people – you know, like you and me. So that means that it’s perfectly acceptable to be unabashedly lazy […]

Weekly PPC Update: All Aboard the Holiday Advertising Bandwagon Edition
By Tom Demers
Posted August 28, 2015  | CATEGORY: Weekly PPC Update
So, it seems like just yesterday that we were in the midst of the big holiday rush, getting our ad campaigns finalized for the 2014 holiday shopping season, watching shopping trends like hawks, and in the midst of all that trying to find time to get our own shopping done. Well, guess what? It’s that […]

Weekly PPC Update: Are You Ready for Some Football? Edition
By Tom Demers
Posted August 21, 2015  | CATEGORY: Weekly PPC Update
It seems like people are always going crazy over one thing or another these days. Baseball, the World Cup Soccer Tournament, now we’re gearing up for the start of the football season. People love their sports and their teams – so much so, in fact, that friendly sports rivalries seem to clutter up my Facebook […]

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