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Weekly PPC Roundup – First of the Year, 29 Great Links Edition
By Tom Demers
Posted January 7, 2011  | CATEGORY: Weekly PPC Update
Following a holiday round-up hiatus, we now return to our regularly scheduled Week-Ending (well, Three-Weeks-Ending in this case) PPC Blog Roundup. The first story that caught our eye was Brad Geddes’ Last Post on bg Theory. Brad is leaving to focus on his latest endeavor, Certified Knowledge, an Adwords, PPC, and Internet Marketing Training Program. We’re […]

Ad Text Tip: Using Symbols in PPC Ad Text
By Tom Demers
Posted January 6, 2011  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Ads, Paid Search
Leveraging symbols in ad text certainly isn’t new to PPC, but it can be a massively effective means of increasing click-through rates. As a result, we’ll walk through some of the best options and methods for using things like trademark symbols in PPC ad text, as well as a series of resources for getting the […]

Boost Media on Webmaster Radio’s Marketing Nirvana
By Tom Demers
Posted January 6, 2011  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized
The folks at Webmaster Radio were nice enough to have Boost CTR founder Rob Lenderman and Director of Writer Development Ryan Healy on Brad Geddes‘ brand new Webmaster Radio show Marketing Nirvana. The interview talks in depth about not only pay-per click copy writing, but also the concept of crowdsourcing. You can check out the […]

Google AdWords Ad Preview Tool – Ad Text Tip
By Tom Demers
Posted December 20, 2010  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
Last week we introduced two regular blog features: win of the week and the Friday PPC News Roundup. Today we’re rolling out another that we hope will be a standard: ad text tips. The idea here is to offer one short, simple, actionable tip that you could take away and implement relatively quickly if you […]

Friday PPC Roundup – First Edition
By Tom Demers
Posted December 17, 2010  | CATEGORY: Weekly PPC Update
More new features on the Boost blog! This one is also slated to be a weekly feature – I imagine this “weekly roundup” will evolve over time – both with the space and with the Boost CTR company and product focus, but for now we’ll focus mainly on pay-per click marketing news. If you have […]

AdWords Headline Writing Basics
By Tom Demers
Posted December 16, 2010  | CATEGORY: Ads
We see thousands of advertising headlines every day; billboards, signage, television, newspapers, Google and almost every website we visit, all inundate us with countless messages every day and with every page. Early on we learn to tune out the things that we don’t think is applicable to us or feel the need to deal with […]

Ad Text Optimization – What to Test & When (A Search Engine Journal Guest Post)
By Tom Demers
Posted December 16, 2010  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Ads, Paid Search, Search
In addition to the Search Engine Land interview on BoostCTR, David also had his first in a series of monthly contributions to Search Engine Journal. You can find the post here: Ad Text Optimization – What to Test & When, and we’re reproducing it below in case you missed it:   Ad Text Optimization: What […]

Search Engine Land Q and A with Boost Media – New Wave of Paid Search Tools Coming
By Tom Demers
Posted December 15, 2010  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized
BoostCTR CEO David Greenbaum was recently interviewed on Search Engine Land in Josh Dreller’s piece: A New Wave of Paid Search Tools Coming: Q and A with Boost Media CEO David Greenbaum. Since the blog is pretty new I think the Q and A over there serves as a great introduction to who BoostCTR is and what […]

Welcome to the Boost Media Blog!
By Tom Demers
Posted December 13, 2010  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized
Hey Everyone! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be populating the Boost Media blog with regular content. Things will probably really start to pick up steam after the holidays, but even in the meantime we’ll start to create a series of posts with tips, tricks, and some meatier guides. Unsurprisingly the primary topic will be around pay-per click […]

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