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Weekly PPC Update: Alphabet Soup Edition
By Tom Demers
Posted August 14, 2015  | CATEGORY: Weekly PPC Update
School’s already back in session in some areas of the U.S., while others have another precious week or two to enjoy the summer break. Parents everywhere are counting the days until they get some peace between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., while teachers, on the other hand, can’t believe the summer has […]

Weekly PPC Update: Getting the Most from Social Advertising Edition
By Tom Demers
Posted August 7, 2015  | CATEGORY: Weekly PPC Update
The countdown is on: Just a few weeks left until the start of a new school year, Labor Day is just around the corner, and cooler nights (and days) are in the not-too-distant future. Seems like summer went by in a flash, but there’s still time to enjoy some fun in the sun. This week […]

Weekly PPC Update: It’s Back-to-School Time Again (Yeah, Already) Edition
By Tom Demers
Posted July 31, 2015  | CATEGORY: Weekly PPC Update
Tomorrow marks the beginning of August, and you know what that means: The countdown is on, and kids everywhere are anxiously counting down the days until they’re back in the classroom spending quality time with their favorite teachers and studying their most favorite subjects. Or, they might just be excited to hang out with their […]

Weekly PPC Update: Catching Up Edition
By Tom Demers
Posted July 24, 2015  | CATEGORY: Weekly PPC Update
Hey, my faithful PPC-ers — did ya miss me? Been a few weeks due to some circumstances outside my control, but I’m back in action (and better than ever). We have a couple weeks of highlights to cover on what’s been happening in the PPC world, so let’s dive right in. Checking in with Google… […]

Weekly PPC Update: It’s Summertime! Edition
By Tom Demers
Posted June 26, 2015  | CATEGORY: Weekly PPC Update
Welcome to Friday, folks! And, more importantly, welcome to official summer. It’s about time, is it not? Another week down, another weekly PPC update from yours truly to kick off your Friday with a little PPC finesse. This week, we’re talking mobile, moments, and some new ad opportunities. Bing is talking international audiences and how […]

Weekly PPC Update: Big Changes for Bing Edition
By Tom Demers
Posted June 19, 2015  | CATEGORY: Weekly PPC Update
Welcome to Friday everyone! This week, I have some news to share from Bing that will make some of you cringe, while others will simply see it as a challenge to come up with new tricks and hacks to reach the same end result. The big change is one you’re all too familiar with (thanks […]

Weekly PPC Update: The ‘Remarketing Jedi’ Edition
By Tom Demers
Posted June 12, 2015  | CATEGORY: Weekly PPC Update
Summer season is in full swing. From road trips to vacations, beach gear and backyard barbeques, advertisers have a whole new world of possibilities this season. If you’re a retailer, you’re going to want to pay special attention to this week’s PPC update as there’s some critical information herein that will impact your Google Shopping […]

Weekly PPC Update: Playing the PPC Game Edition
By Tom Demers
Posted June 5, 2015  | CATEGORY: Weekly PPC Update
Another week, another chance to learn what’s buzzing in the PPC world and take your PPC game to the next level. Google and Bing are taking every opportunity to up their own game as well, which is obvious given this week’s selection of feature announcements and opportunities emerging from both camps. From Google, some new […]

Weekly PPC Update: Capturing Consumers in Micro-Moments Edition
By Tom Demers
Posted May 29, 2015  | CATEGORY: Weekly PPC Update
Hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend! Memorial Day is sort of the unofficial kick-off to the summer season, with warmer weather finally reaching most parts of the U.S. and, of course, days getting longer and sun shining brighter. For advertisers, now is the time to kick your summer ad campaigns into high […]

Weekly PPC Update: Location is Everything Edition
By Tom Demers
Posted May 22, 2015  | CATEGORY: Weekly PPC Update
Location, location, location. If you’ve got a physical location – better yet a storefront – there are plenty of opportunities for you to take advantage of in the world of PPC. It’s a funny thing, actually. Pay-per-click advertising kind of started out as an advertising method for online retailers and other online-only businesses. But today, […]

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