SAN FRANCISCO, November 15, 2017 – Boost Media, the world’s largest online marketplace for content creation, moderation and delivery, announced today that it closed a $5 million funding round led by Pinnacle Ventures.  In conjunction with the financing, Ken Pelowski and Arun Ramamoorthy from Pinnacle will be joining the Boost Media board. Prior to this round the company had raised a total of $21 million.


“We’re excited about our team’s progress with AI, our platform development, and our ability to match the best writer and moderator in our network with the right project.  There is huge demand these days to address unconfirmed generated content like “fake news” and a need to curate or “fix” short form or long form user generated content. The biggest platforms are struggling with user and advertiser generated content and are hiring thousands of people, but so much scale and moderation can be addressed through our localized network of 9,000 people and our specialized workflow software.  Our automated writing, content creation, and moderation capabilities can also help e-commerce and other companies with large catalogs of products that change frequently,” said Tim Krozek, CEO of Boost Media.


The new funds will be used for customer expansion, further software feature development, AI, and functionality making it easier to ingest all types of content via the use of APIs.  This will allow the Boost network to more efficiently process, create, “fix,” and sometimes even reject content from, and on behalf of Boost’s partners and customers.


“Boost Media is at the forefront of both AI and leveraging a large network of people to assist companies by combatting and ferreting out content that violates terms of service and guidelines.  Big companies like Google, Facebook, Adobe, AirBnB, Twiter, Quora and Expedia need Boost’s platform to scale quickly to combat this huge issue surrounding bad content on their sites,” said Ken Pelowski of Pinnacle Ventures.


A recent Wall Street Journal article by Christopher Mims specifically references this need for more people to moderate content: “…the best AI-powered systems require humans to play an active role in their creation, tending and operation.  Far from displacing workers, this combination is spawning new non-engineer jobs every day, and the preponderance of evidence suggests the boom will continue for the foreseeable future.”


Boost Media is located in San Francisco and offers localized content moderation and creation services and software in English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.