Last week Boost Media threw the first annual Camp Boost company outing. In celebration of Earth Week, Boost employees packed their bags and set out for the breathtaking Northern California coast, where they would enjoy a fun-packed 24 hours of “glamping” in the great outdoors.


The event kicked off at 9:30 AM with Boost Brunch at Boost HQ. The second floor was abuzz as Boosters gathered for fresh fruit, mimosas and mini quiches. Each employee received a swag bag filled with exclusive camp accessories, including a Boost water bottle, frisbee and space blanket.



As 11 AM rolled around, the campers filed out, loaded up on two large buses and headed down the coast to Bean Hollow State Beach. The beach hosted a variety of activities including volley ball, tide pool exploring and “beach pong,” where campers attempted to toss mini basketballs into large orange buckets filled with water.


After spending a few hours with toes in the sand and sun on their faces, the Booster then shuffled back onto the buses and headed 10 minutes south down Highway 1 to Costanoa Camp Grounds. Costanoa is far from your average camp grounds, with luxury tent bungalows, complete with heated blankets and queen sized beds, tucked away in the hills of Pescadero. Once settled in to their bungalows, the Boosters headed to the picnic area for dinner, where all of the execs personally prepared delicious chicken, steak and veggie skewers, kale salad and grilled corn on the cob.


As the evening progressed into nighttime, the Boost campers headed to the Ranch House for a company-wide talent show. The talent show showcased a wide array of Boosters’ special talents, most of which are hidden from the everyday work environment. Sales Development Representative, Sam, presented his skill in spoken word by reciting two original poems. Customer Success Manager, Dimple, put on a breathtaking visual performance with LED poi. Next, Image Operations Specialist, Justine, performed a traditional Polynesian dance. Following Justine’s amazing dancing skills, Customer Success Manager, Emily, brought tears to her fellow Boosters’ eyes with her classically trained voice and performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” The musical talent continued as Roman, Alex and Terence played acoustic guitar and bass with their rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Very Superstitious.” Next up Boost’s very own CEO, David, showcased his finger painting skills with a very convincing impression of Bob Ross (yes, afro and all). Lawrence wrapped up the star-studded show with an excellent performance of MC Hammers “2 Legit 2 Quit,” complete with metallic gold getup and shades.


Post-talent show, employees circled around a camp fire to share jokes, stories and advice. The camp fire gathering provided the perfect environment for Booster to bond with each other underneath stars. This experience was what Camp Boost was really all about (however, there was no singing of Kumabaya).


The first annual Camp Boost event was a great success. Not only were Boosters able to get away from the bustle of the city, but the event offered the opportunity for Boost employees to get to know more about each other on a personal level – from embarrassing stories shared around the camp fire to exceptional hidden talents.









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