Boost Media CEO David Greenbaum was asked to share his thoughts on ad fatigue with Search Engine Land. In the column —  which was co-written with Frederick Vallaeys, co-founder at Optmyzr and former Google AdWords Spokesperson — David discusses the four reasons ads commonly fatigue, or stop delivering value:


  1. Seasonality and Product Changes
  2. Copycat messaging
  3. Evolving Consumer Needs
  4. Changing Ad Platforms


Taking these factors into consideration, digital ads need to be refreshed regularly. Too often we see marketers treat ad copy as a “set it and forget it” item on their  campaign launch to-do list. In the column David explains that this can cause a drop in CTR and Quality Score, increasingly making ad fatigue a problem online marketers should be solving for in their SEM campaigns.


Click here to read the full column. Stay tuned next month for part 2 in this series with Search Engine Land.


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