Last month, David Greenbaum spoke with Optmyzr co-founder Frederick Vallaeys and Search Engine Land about the reasons why ad text fatigue sets in and what advertisers can do to keep ads engaging.


David and Frederick continued their conversation this month, with David sharing his point of view about relying on SEM data insights to write more impactful ads this holiday season. From Boost Media’s analysis of 1.3 billion SEM ad impressions from 250,000 ads across large retail AdWords desktop search accounts over the first six months of 2014, Boost has developed three important guidelines for writing ads that resonate with your audience and most importantly, improve conversions. They are:


  1. Maintain a consumer focus
  2. Lead with customer benefits, not product features
  3. Fulfill consumer needs, not just wants


To read David’s full article on Search Engine Land, click here.



About Boost Media

Boost Media increases advertiser profitability by using a combination of humans and a proprietary software platform to drive increased ad relevance at scale. The Boost marketplace comprises over 1,000 expert copywriters and image optimizers who compete to provide a diverse array of perspectives. Boost’s proprietary software identifies opportunities for creative optimization and drives performance using a combination of workflow tools and algorithms. Headquartered in San Francisco, the Boost Media optimization platform provides fresh, performance-driven creative in 12 localized languages worldwide.