Every month we bring you SEM insights from our knowledgeable Customer Success Team. Today we hear from Sr. Director of Customer Success Operations Emily Speer, who is focused on creating the processes required for excellent customer communication and growth at Boost. Emily is going to introduce you to the newest initiative on the Customer Success team: Boost Customer Support. 

As a Boost Media customer, you are likely very familiar with our platform and our product offerings, but sometimes have a question about how things work, how to access a tool, or understand a concept.  We now have a team of Boost technical experts called Support Engineers ready to assist you with these types of questions and requests.


All of our customers (as well as our writers!) can now reach out and get a quick email response from a Boost Support Engineer. This awesome team provides fast responses to simple questions, speeds up the diagnosis of pesky bugs, and ensures that feature ideas are sent to our Product team for platform improvement.


Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) is still available to work with you to develop strategic goals and improve your Boost performance, but now you can get a quick response to any question that’s on your mind. You benefit from an additional point of contact that has direct access to the entire Boost Media team. It’s an all-in-one access point to the whole Boost universe.


You may be wondering, why now? Our new Support team is ramping up in preparation for some great new Boost offerings.  We want to make sure that you have access to the resources you need to make your Boost experience as smooth and lucrative as possible.


So what’s coming next?

  • Boost email support – contact a technical expert now!
  • Boost FAQs – get answers to the most commonly asked questions on our website (coming soon)
  • Boost Product Documentation – become a self-taught Boost expert! (coming soon)
  • Boost Walk-Thrus and Training Videos – unlock Boost user pro-level skills (coming soon)


Drop us a line and ask us a question (or just say hi!). Let us know how we can improve your experience, or tell us how awesome we’re doing.  We’d love to hear from you.


Keep looking out for new resources and get ready for an exciting 2016!

About Boost Media

Boost Media increases advertiser profitability by using a combination of humans and a proprietary software platform to drive increased ad relevance at scale.

The Boost marketplace comprises over 1,000 expert copywriters and image optimizers who compete to provide a diverse array of perspectives. Boost’s proprietary software identifies opportunities for creative optimization and drives performance using a combination of workflow tools and algorithms. Headquartered in San Francisco, the Boost Media optimization platform provides fresh, performance-driven creative in 12 localized languages worldwide.