We’re excited to share the news – our CEO David Greenbaum has been featured in an article on Forbes.com! The article, entitled “Tech Pros Want to See These Things in Facebook’s Filing” discusses the buzz surrounding a rumored Facebook IPO filing coming this week, with industry thought leaders weighing in with their thoughts on what they think Facebook should focus on if it does file.


David is one of the experts selected for the article, and shares his optimistic outlook for Facebook’s future. “With improvements in ad copy quality, targeting relevance, and a shift to ads incorporated into users’ normal experience,” he says, “Facebook should be well poised to skyrocket in the coming year.” We hope so! We’re excited to see where Facebook ads are headed and are interested to see what happens this week with the rumored IPO.


To read the rest of David’s Facebook predictions and to find out what the other featured thought leaders had to say, head over to Forbes.com and read the full article.