This week marked the biggest new hire class to date to join the Boost Family. Rather than keep these great new additions all to ourselves, we thought we’d let you get to know them too.


Introducing Jeb Trowbridge, Senior Account Executive:

Jeb Trowbridge is joining the Sales team on the East Coast and will be working from Upstate New York. This expansion marks an exciting milestone for Boost as we continue growing beyond our San Francisco home base.

Previously, Jeb worked as a sales director and source outreach consultant at Gracenote, Inc. (formerly Tribune Media Services) in Chicago and in Upstate New York helping to expand the entertainment metadata provider’s footprint in Brazil and Latin America. He also worked at Flite, Inc. as Director of East Coast Sales. Jeb attended Yale University and later earned his MBA at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.

When asked what he is most excited about with his new position, Jeb says learning about the compelling platform and service that Boost provides and contributing to the growth and longterm success of the company.

“As a sales representative, I love being able to represent a company with solutions that save people time and money, and make them more money and more successful,” Jeb says. “It’s easy for the customer to get behind, to see the benefits.”

Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, Jeb would like to one day help Boost expand into Brazil and Latin America.

Outside of the office, Jeb enjoys spending time with his wife Ali, their three daughters (Annabelle, Lilly and Kate), and their golden retriever Homer. He also enjoys coaching soccer, hiking, playing piano and guitar, and binge-watching shows like House of Cards, Homeland, Breaking Bad, and Parks & Recreation.

Welcome to the team, Jeb!


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