Today’s Employee Spotlight is on our Client Strategy Lead for the Image Optimization team, Terence Richardson. Currently, Terence is responsible for ensuring customer strategy and success by building out new processes for on boarding, reporting, invoicing and ensuring that the framework is scalable for the Image team.


As Boost’s Image Optimization team continues to evolve, Terence’s role will be essential for making sure the team transitions successfully. Terence explains that as the Image Optimization team scales, the asset delivery time will become crucial, and he wants to ensure that as we grow we will be able to handle larger amount of requests coming in and deliver a top quality product in a timely and organized fashion.


Before becoming the Client Strategy Lead, Terence spent 10 months on the search side of Boost Media’s Customer Success Team. Spending time on the Customer Success team allowed him to work with amazing leadership and provided him with a great blueprint for the processes that will be implemented on the image side. Prior to working at Boost, Terence spent time selling targeted display ads at AdRoll. This experience made Terence aware of the pains behind ad fatigue, especially with display ads. For this reason, Terence is confident that Boost’s Image Optimization solution is the perfect remedy for this widespread marketing and advertising challenge.


Terence grew up in Tacoma, Washington and moved to the Bay Area after graduating high school in 2007. He received his education at Santa Clara University and majored in finance and sociology. Terence is a self described avid video gamer, enjoys playing the bass and reading. What he likes most about working at Boost Media is the unique work environment that Boost has to offer. As Terence expresses, “I can be myself around everyone at Boost and not having those walls between team members makes for an amazing and productive work environment.”

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