Today on, you’ll notice some big changes. These are changes that many of our friends, fans and those in the Boost Family have been waiting a very, very long time for.

We have successfully launched our first major website redesign since our site debuted in 2009, back when online video was just getting started on the internet and back when the carousel slideshow design was all the rage. However, this is no ordinary website redesign launch. This is much, much more.

Today’s website re-launch is a culmination of five years of tremendous hard work, late nights coding which turned into early mornings coding, endless whiteboard sessions and successful (and sometimes failed) sales pitches. Today marks a key turning point in Boost’s journey to help online advertisers realize the opportunity of creative optimization.

Five years ago, Boost was simply an idea. It was an idea shared between two guys who believed that they could change the status quo in online advertising. Today, Boost is 50 employees strong and is used by some of the biggest online advertisers in the world. With every passing day, more and more enterprise online advertisers are realizing the power of creative optimization. This website is a monument to the notion that even the oldest of industries, in our case advertising, can yield to a tiny start up. This website affirms and cements are place in the world of advertising.



Here our some new features that our fans can expect from the new Boost Blog and website:

  1. More Discoverable Content: Rich with content discovery features like related posts, featured posts and most shared posts…the new Boost Blog makes it easy for our fans to find that next great article
  2. Socially Charged: Search community now has a social charged platform to discuss issues related to Search. By driving more dialog about Search, we help the Search Community grow.
  3. Videos! Videos! and more Videos!: For the past 9 months we’ve captured some of the most brilliant minds in Search. These candid video interviews can only be found here and our Youtube Channel.
  4. Success Stories That Inspire: In the ‘Success Stories’ section of our website, we’ve built a robust place to showcase the success gained from optimizing ad creative. See an example here.