As the weather slowly begins to warm up, daydreams of the perfect summer getaway start to brew in our imaginations. Sandy beaches, cold drinks and exotic cuisine are just a few of the summer-time elements we catch ourselves thinking about this time of year. But how can we, as paid search marketers, help transform these fantasies into realities for consumers?


Did you know that U.S. digital travel sales will top $153 billion in 2015 – up almost 6% than last year? In a recent study, BingAds shares travel insights from 2014 and predictions for 2015 in their presentation Setting Sail for Better Performance: Leisure Travel Insights for Digital Marketers. The report covers expected travel-related sales (both planning of and during the trip), insights into how mobile will change the travel decisions-making process and how advertisers and marketers should be tailoring their campaigns to meeting these evolving processes.


Here are a few of the valuable insights that the reports includes:

  • Travelers are no longer asking the concierge for advice while traveling, but turning to their smartphones to seeking advice about location cuisine, activities and directions. Mobile travel sales are up 41% from 2014! For this reason it’s imperative to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile and ready to aid travelers on the go.


  • Across devices, 6 in 10 leisure travelers use search engines when planning their vacation. Interestingly, Bing adds that searchers often search for longer trips than they actually book. This poses a prime opportunity to include langue in your ad copy that persuades searchers of why they should treat themselves and extend their vacation.


  • Since 58% of travel spending occurs during the trip, tailor your ad copy to travels concerns or interest and utilizing geo-targeting is extremely beneficial for paid search marketers.


For more leisure travel data and predictions, make sure to check out BingAds presentation!



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