It’s never too early to start marketing your online holiday deals. In fact, 22% of holiday shoppers start shopping before Halloween. According to our Holiday Marketeer series, this presents an opportunity to get those early shoppers to come back and purchase– especially when you provide promotional incentive. This week’s win of the week capitalizes on promotions through engaging keywords and ad copy. The winning ad had a 110% difference from the original because it converted the customer market early, and kept them buying through the prime holiday shopping season. Can you guess which ad is the winner here?

The winner here is Ad #2. Penned by Boost Media Writer, “deepti”, there was a 9% action rate. Lets see why Ad #2 attracted more clicks.


The Original Ad:

To begin, the key search word here is a little off. Fortunately, the copy more than makes up for the awkward keyword search. The creative ad body does a great job of creating a narrative for the searcher. “Skip the mall” is like heaven to a shopper. They continue this dream further with the idea of having the perfect gift being sent “right to their door”. While this ad keeps the searcher in mind, it doesn’t provide the right amount of incentive to successfully seal the deal.


The Boost Network Ad:

The search keywords used are more consistent with what a holiday shopper would be searching. The ad also looks more reputable with “Christmas” spelled out completely. To continue, the ad starts off with the magic word, “save,” which almost always peaks the searcher’s interest. Finally, the ad provides incentive by promoting a discount, but also provides a sense of urgency by emphasizing “holidays.” This ad leads the clicker to believe that a deal this good is only available during the holiday season, thus incentivizing them to act fast.


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