Win of the Week: Holiday Gifts

Posted December 9, 2015 | CATEGORY: Boost Media, Search

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop optimizing holiday ad creative for other critical e-commerce events throughout December. With Secret Santa and White Elephant gatherings just around the corner, it’s time to persuade shoppers to start clicking your ad for some office friendly gifts to give. One idea for gift givers are calendars, which serve as great presents for this time of year. Let’s see which ad successfully kept their Black Friday customers engaged, and had a higher action rate in this week’s Win Of The Week.

The winning ad here is Ad #2. Penned by Boost Media Writer, “aghafl9999”, had 200% difference from the original ad and finished strong with a 1.5% action rate.

The Original Ad:

Green Monday is coming, and like its annual sale partners Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is always effective to provide a call to action within the advertisement. This particular ad includes the call to action in the search keywords. The idea of including a promotion or sale has the potential to increase click rates to take advantage of the season’s revenue opportunity. Instead of continuing to inspire action on the intended product, the body copy looses focus by including phrases like “compare”, leaving the searcher potentially overwhelmed by options during a busy shopping season.

The Boost Network Ad:

Like the original ad, the winning advertisement uses the term “save” in the headline. There is a lot of shopping that needs to be done during the holiday season, and searchers need extra reassurance for every purchase. Keeping this in mind, the ad’s author persuaded a purchase through promotion and showing the benefit of the product’s service. The ad reads, “keep track of important events”, which lets the searcher know they will also be giving the gift of organization, which can be invaluable. Here, combining the benefit with promotion results in an effective creative ad campaign.


In the end:

It’s important to use the most engaging search terms during this brief spike in online Holiday traffic. The Holiday marketing season can help convert searchers throughout December and beyond. For more tips on digital marketing strategy check out our Holiday Marketeer blog series also featured on the Boost Media blog.


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