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Listen Up for 2017, Part III: Search, Social, and Podcasting
Posted October 20, 2016  | CATEGORY: Branding, Mobile, Paid Search, Search, Social, Testing
In the last installment of this series, Boost Media covered using podcasting and podcast advertising as a way to learn how to execute successful audio media, in preparation for audio and voice emerging as the next UI in 2017. Here, we shed light on how to use search and social to ensure conversions are resulting […]

Google Extends Expanded Text Ads Deadline to January 31, 2017
Posted September 14, 2016  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Ads, Search
For those advertisers who haven’t yet figured out how to optimize expanded text ads and those that have yet to even get started, Google is giving you a break.   Google will continue accepting standard text ads through January 31, 2017, not October 26 as announced in July. But this isn’t the time to procrastinate. Do […]

Google’s Expanded Text Ads are Finally Live. Hopefully You’re Ready
Posted July 26, 2016  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Ads, Search, Testing
The buzz around Google’s Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) is old news, but today Google officially launched the new longer ad format in AdWords — and advertisers are finally caring.   Or at least they should.   The longer format rolled out across all devices today alongside the existing standard ad format. As of October 26, […]

Cyber Monday in July
Posted July 7, 2016  | CATEGORY: Events, Paid Search, Search, Social, Testing
With its second annual Prime Day coming up on July 12th, Amazon is creating ‘Cyber Monday in July.’ Boost Media shares five tips for making the most of this growing e-commerce trend. Prime Day: The next “Singles Day” If the Asian e-commerce giant, Alibaba can singlehandedly create a shopping holiday that generates $14.3 billion in […]

What Apple Search Ads Mean for Mobile Advertisers
Posted June 30, 2016  | CATEGORY: Mobile, Paid Search, Search
Today, Apple iAds are officially disbanded, paving the way for the soon-to-be-released Apple Search Ads for the App Store. At this point, you may be wondering why the technology giant is doing this now, and what it might mean for mobile advertisers. Boost Media shares its perspective on this upcoming change.   Why Apple Search […]

AdWords Expanded Text Ads: What Retailers Need to Know
Posted June 2, 2016  | CATEGORY: Ads, Customer Experience, Search
If you’re like most major retailers, you may have 100,000+ ads in your AdWords accounts—all of which will need to be rewritten, thanks to Google’s announcement last week. Expanded Text Ads (ETA) will be coming to all advertisers this year and it is the biggest change Google has ever made to its ad format. No official […]

How to manage tests with Google’s new Expanded Text Ads
Posted June 1, 2016  | CATEGORY: Ads, Search, Testing
With the recent beta release of Google’s new Expanded Text Ad (ETA) format, many advertisers are wondering how to approach testing the new ad type to understand it’s impact on performance. Google has cited a 20% lift in CTR for ETAs, but this is not guaranteed for all advertisers. The important question to understand is […]

AdWords ETA: What You Need To Do Now
Posted May 26, 2016  | CATEGORY: Ads, Boost Media, Search
By now, you’ve heard the AdWords Expanded Text Ads announcement. This is big news for search engine marketers. Initial Google reports cited CTR lifts of 20%. But the change is going to require a massive amount of copywriting—or risk missing out big. Unless you’re one of a few beta testers, Expanded Text Ads isn’t yet […]

Boost Media Revolutionizes How Advertisers Write Ads for Google’s Major AdWords Change
Posted May 25, 2016  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Ads, Boost Media, Paid Search, Search
Expert Marketplace of professional copywriters writes high-quality ads fast and at scale for any advertiser with Boost Express Platform   San Francisco, CA – May 25, 2016 – Boost Media, the leading digital ad creative marketplace, today released its Express ad writing platform to help advertisers capitalize on Google’s latest and historic change to text […]

Win of the Week: Publish Books Online
Posted March 30, 2016  | CATEGORY: Ads, Boost Media, Search
You finally finished that book you’ve been writing for years. You dedicated many long nights and thousands of hours of research into making your ideas come to life, and you want to make sure your masterpiece ends up in the right hands. Luckily, with the keywords and the most convincing copy, you can find the perfect publisher. Check out the […]

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