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Win of The Week – Blooming Ads
Posted March 2, 2016  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Paid Search, Search, Win Of The Week
Spring has begun to sprung, which means it’s time to replenish the garden with some new plants and flowers. But a garden doesn’t become lush and beautiful on its own- it takes a little TLC to get there. Similar to ad copy, if you ignore it and forget to trim and prune it periodically, it won’t give you […]

3 Ways to Squeeze SEO Juice from Video
Posted February 4, 2016  | CATEGORY: Content, Customer Experience, Image Optimization, Search, Video
Video has a huge positive impact on getting, retaining, and pleasing customers. Retailers cite a 40% increase in purchases as a result of video. What you may not have considered is the added SEO value of hosting videos on your site. In this article, Boost shares three ways to squeeze as much SEO juice from […]

‘6 Sins You’re Committing on Bing Ads’: What It Says About Bing Ad Copy
Posted January 14, 2016  | CATEGORY: Ads, Paid Search, Search, Testing
John Gagnon wrote an article on Search Engine Watch, “6 Sins You’re Committing on Bing Ads.” There’s plenty to learn from this article, including what these “sins” tell us about optimizing Bing ad copy. If you’re like most search marketers, you conduct ad copy testing on Google AdWords and then deploy your best AdWords ads […]

What Star Trek and Ironman Tell Marketers About Voice Search
Posted January 7, 2016  | CATEGORY: Content, Customer Experience, Image Optimization, Paid Search, Search, Video
Voice search and voice-activated device interfaces are starting to gain traction. As marketers, it’s time to begin reinventing how you engage with customers. Nevermind Siri, Google Now, or Cortana. Mark Zuckerberg’s 2016 resolution is to build an Ironman-like AI bot to help him run his life. Meanwhile, Google has been prototyping a wearable Star Trek […]

Holiday Marketeer: 2015 Holiday Marketing Trends
Posted December 24, 2015  | CATEGORY: Customer Experience, Search, Testing
With Christmas just hours away, the 2015 holiday marketing season is nearly at an end. But, the gift of shopping behavior insights continues to bring digital marketers cheer. Since September, the Holiday Marketeer blog series has been bringing you important metrics, along with recommendations for implementing your holiday marketing strategy. Now, it’s time to look […]

Win of the Week: Holiday Gifts
Posted December 9, 2015  | CATEGORY: Boost Media, Search
Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop optimizing holiday ad creative for other critical e-commerce events throughout December. With Secret Santa and White Elephant gatherings just around the corner, it’s time to persuade shoppers to start clicking your ad for some office friendly gifts to give. One […]

Win of the Week: Holiday Deals
Posted December 2, 2015  | CATEGORY: Boost Media, Search
It’s never too early to start marketing your online holiday deals. In fact, 22% of holiday shoppers start shopping before Halloween. According to our Holiday Marketeer series, this presents an opportunity to get those early shoppers to come back and purchase– especially when you provide promotional incentive. This week’s win of the week capitalizes on promotions […]

Win of the Week: Super Bowl of Ads
Posted November 18, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ads, Boost Media, Search
It may be the holiday season, but for true football fans, the holiday season kicks off during the NFL playoffs and caps with the Super Bowl. It’s never too early to plan ahead and make sure you have the perfect jersey or t-shirt for when your favorite team heads to the championship game. If you’re reading […]

Win of the Week: Be Specific
Posted November 11, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ads, Search
This week’s win of the week features great ad copy, with a mix of  pop culture relevance. In light of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s announcement, we would also like to announce you can get free shipping on Blake Shelton’s greatest country hits. Take a look at these two ads from a country music e-tailer. Note that […]

Event Recap: Webinar with Marin Software
Posted October 30, 2015  | CATEGORY: Boost Media, Events, Search
This week Boost Media partnered with Marin Software to discuss how to effectively identify customers’ various devices and create campaigns that are optimized for the mobile experience. Boost Media co-founder Rob Lenderman and Marin Software’s Senior Product Manager Brian Sim discussed strategies for getting the most from cross-device targeting campaigns, and attendees learned about how […]

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