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9 Quick Tips for Facebook and Instagram Mobile App Ads
Posted May 12, 2016  | CATEGORY: Mobile, Social
In the mobile app advertising world, it’s one thing to successfully drive mobile app downloads—but it’s a whole different ballpark when it comes to identifying effective ways of driving engagement and revenue from mobile app users.  Last week, Boost Media shared a Q&A to help you get started using Facebook and Instagram app advertising to […]

Mobile App Engagement: Facebook and Instagram Ads Q&A
Posted May 5, 2016  | CATEGORY: Mobile, Social
There’s a saying among marketers that it’s cheaper and easier to drive revenue from current customers than it is to acquire new ones—yet when it comes to driving revenue via mobile apps, many marketers are struggling. Boost Media shares a Q&A to help you understand how to drive mobile app engagement through Facebook and Instagram […]

Good Creative Makes for Great Facebook Video Ads
Posted April 19, 2016  | CATEGORY: Mobile, Social, Video
With people consuming 100 million hours of video per day on Facebook, you don’t have to think twice about the value of investing in Facebook video ads. The catch is, if you don’t have creative that grabs people’s attention within the first few seconds, you’ve already lost on your investment. Facebook’s Marketing Science team determined […]

Understanding Facebook Video Ads
Posted April 13, 2016  | CATEGORY: Ads, Mobile, Social, Video
Facebook video is becoming increasingly popular with one billion more daily video views than YouTube. From video profile pictures to Facebook Live streaming video, Facebook’s 1.5 billion users are adopting video as the medium of choice, and it’s time for brands to stand up and take note. What do you need to do to get […]

Make Your Mark On Facebook Canvas
Posted April 7, 2016  | CATEGORY: Branding, Content, Image Optimization, Mobile, Social, Video
If you haven’t yet heard about Facebook Canvas, or you’re looking for insight on how to tackle this new advertising modality, we urge you to read on. Facebook Canvas is a full-screen mobile ad experience, enabling users to interact with branded content that loads as much as 10 times faster than a typical mobile landing […]

Pin Your Marketing Efforts on Pinterest, or Risk Missing Out
Posted March 31, 2016  | CATEGORY: Branding, Image Optimization, Mobile, Social, Video
Right now, Pinterest is a wide-open field of opportunity for marketers who are looking for ways to extend their advertising horizon. And while there isn’t a lot of hard-core data yet to  back Pinterest as a viable direct-response machine, there’s an awful lot of promising evidence cropping up. From a growing interest in Pinterest’s visual […]

Pinterest Video Pins: If You Pin It, They Will Watch
Posted March 24, 2016  | CATEGORY: Branding, Content, Mobile, Social, Video
At this stage, Pinterest as a platform for video is a wide-open field of dreams with much speculation and few details about the potential opportunity for brands. Is it time to get in on the action and test Pinterest Video Pins? Boost Media shares its insights to help you decide.   What might you gain […]

Drive Mobile App Engagement With Pinterest App Pins
Posted March 17, 2016  | CATEGORY: Image Optimization, Mobile, Social
With consumer time and attention going mobile, marketers have been focused on driving mobile app downloads. What’s becoming increasingly difficult; however, is enticing people to continue using your app once it’s on their phone.   Your first response to these challenges might be to turn to tried-and-true app marketing tactics like app store advertising, search […]

5 Opportunities for Retailers with Pinterest Buyable Pins
Posted March 10, 2016  | CATEGORY: Image Optimization, Mobile, Social
Buyable Pins is helping Pinterest grow from an engagement channel to a shopping discovery platform. However, there isn’t substantial data yet to prove that Buyable Pins is a mature direct-response marketing play—but there’s no doubt they drive value.   Boost Media shares 5 opportunities for retailers to drive value with Buyable Pins:   1.Drive incremental […]

Marketing Budgets Surge In 2016 – Digital Advertising Is At The Forefront
Posted March 1, 2016  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Mobile, Paid Search, Social, The Writer's Voice
Every week, Boost brings you insights straight from the writers in our Creative Network. Writers share tips on how to inject more creativity into ads, best practices for writing ad copy, and more. This week Dylan Barmmer, pen name “wordisborn,” who has been an active writer in our Creative Network for over five years, explains as […]

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