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Punctuation & Structure Key to Successful PPC Ads
Posted February 10, 2011  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Paid Search
Beginning February 3, 2011, Google is making a significant change in the ads that appear above the search results by giving them a longer headline.  In the past, only the headline was bold blue. Now, both the headline and the first line of the ad will be in bold blue, which more than doubles the […]

The Best PPC Blogs – The Definitive List of Pay-Per Click Blogs
Posted February 2, 2011  | CATEGORY: Paid Search
There are a lot of great resources when you think about “lists of marketing blogs”. The Top Rank Blog’s “BIGLIST” of blogs is remarkably extensive, Ad Age has an excellent list of 150 top marketing blogs, and people are creating marketing blog lists all the time. Thinking specifically about PPC there seem to be far […]

Ad Text Tip: Using Symbols in PPC Ad Text
Posted January 6, 2011  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Ads, Paid Search
Leveraging symbols in ad text certainly isn’t new to PPC, but it can be a massively effective means of increasing click-through rates. As a result, we’ll walk through some of the best options and methods for using things like trademark symbols in PPC ad text, as well as a series of resources for getting the […]

Ad Text Optimization – What to Test & When (A Search Engine Journal Guest Post)
Posted December 16, 2010  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Ads, Paid Search, Search
In addition to the Search Engine Land interview on BoostCTR, David also had his first in a series of monthly contributions to Search Engine Journal. You can find the post here: Ad Text Optimization – What to Test & When, and we’re reproducing it below in case you missed it:   Ad Text Optimization: What […]

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