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Boost Media Closes $5 Million Funding Round
Posted December 11, 2017  | CATEGORY: Boost Media, We Are Boost
  SAN FRANCISCO, November 15, 2017 – Boost Media, the world’s largest online marketplace for content creation, moderation and delivery, announced today that it closed a $5 million funding round led by Pinnacle Ventures.  In conjunction with the financing, Ken Pelowski and Arun Ramamoorthy from Pinnacle will be joining the Boost Media board. Prior to […]

Executive Spotlight – Shawn Myers
Posted May 5, 2015  | CATEGORY: Boost Media, Employee Spotlight, We Are Boost
  This week, the Executive Spotlight is on Senior Vice President of Marketing, Shawn Myers. As SVP Marketing, Shawn leads global marketing for Boost Media.   His primary responsibilities are to ensure that every brand or agency marketer who is trying to improve their ad creatives has heard of Boost Media, and how we can […]

Employee Spotlight – Greg Backstrom
Posted April 28, 2015  | CATEGORY: Boost Media, We Are Boost
Today, we shine the Employee Spotlight on Product Manager, Greg Backstrom. Greg describes his day-to-day responsibilities as product manager to be a little different each day. He divides his time researching internal and external user needs, defining potential solutions, supporting engineering to bring these solutions to life and evaluating their impact once released. In addition, Greg […]

Welcome to Boost Media!
Posted June 19, 2012  | CATEGORY: Boost Media, We Are Boost
You’ve made it in. You’re really close to writing ads and making money. And while you could dive into the deep end right now, we think it’s best to check out this quick tutorial to understand how we work. Keep in mind that we-win-when-you-win, and this training breathes that mantra – once you learn these five sections, you’ll create ad […]