This Tuesday, we’re pleased to shine the Executive Spotlight on Vice President of Technology Delivery – Anand Gurunathan.


As VP, Technology Delivery Anand’s daily responsibilities consist of working with the product and technology teams to ensure that they are working on the right features for the current release and futures releases. He also ensures that both internal Boosters and external customers understand what’s happening within the product world.


When asked about his primary goals here at Boost, Anand offers a bit of context about Boost’s current Product and Technology ecosystem:


“2015 is a big year for the Boost Product organization. The Product and Technology teams are hard at work enhancing the Booster marketplace and Advertiser platform and there are many exciting features in store for this year. As these features are being built, we are also growing our organization by leaps and bounds.”


Anand’s explains that as with any enterprise platform, establishing a product roadmap that aligns with business and customer objectives, launching Boost Media’s products in a timely fashion, and communicating with customers about what is getting released is of paramount importance. As VP, Technology Delivery, Anand’s primary goals can be boiled down to two things: bringing predictability in product launches and being the change agent internally and externally.


Prior to joining the Boost team, Anand worked at Yahoo for five and half years filling a couple of different roles. For the last three years, he was in charge of Yahoo’s Customer Experience technology strategy and its implementation. Initially when he joined Yahoo, Anand was program managing Yahoo’s Display Advertising platform named Apt from Yahoo and its delivery. Before his time at Yahoo, Anand worked at eBay within their Customer Support, Advertising and Seller organization program managing their implementations. Between 1998 to 2005, he worked at KPMG’s consulting practices (BearingPoint) with many Fortune 500 clients.


Anand grew up in the southern Indian city of Chennai and received his bachelors degree majoring in Math from University of Chennai. When not at Boost HQ, he enjoys spending time with his family and reading business and non-fiction books. Anand also enjoys cooking and experimenting with new recipes. He elaborates that cooking is off limits during NFL season, however, because he’s an avid San Francisco 49ers fan. He also occasionally blogs about topics that he’s passionate about.


What Anand likes most about working at Boost is the fact that Boost is in a unique position to solve a business problem that eluded the online advertising industry for the past decade of so. In his past work life, he relied on the human/technology combination to solve hard business problems so the opportunity to be part of the Boost Creative Optimization solution is very exciting. In addition, Anand explains that he loves the energy across our company at all levels. People are passionate about their work and customers. He loves to harness this energy to build a world-class product and an incredible organization.


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