As a proud sponsor at this year’s K8 Kenshoo Client Summit, Boost Media will be hosting an interactive Learning Lab. The Learning Lab portion of the summit will kick off at 11:15 and features a vendor village of sponsor kiosks where attendees can learn cutting edge insights about today’s digital marketing landscape.


Boost’s Learning Lab will provide K8 attendees with exclusive tips, tricks and insights into creative optimization and the paid search marketing. Specifically, the presentation will showcase information from five key areas including:

  1. Emotion Storying Ad Copy
  2. Travel and Hospitality Creative Learning
  3. Creative Insights for Retail Marketers
  4. Mobile Context Matters
  5. Paid Search Ad Text Tips


Here’s a sneak peak of two of the unique insights that Boost will be presenting during our Learning Lab:

  • Facts About Emotional Story Telling Ad Copy: ad creative that contains an emotional elements is 62% higher than ads without emotional appeal.
  • Creative Insights for Retail Marketers: the two words “Official Site” in ad copy help advertisers build trust and drive up the CPI by 16%.


Headed to this week K8? Make sure to stop by Boost Media’s Learning Lab for more valuable information about creative optimization and the paid search space!


About Boost Media

Boost Media increases advertiser profitability by using a combination of humans and a proprietary software platform to drive increased ad relevance at scale.

The Boost marketplace comprises over 1,000 expert copywriters and image optimizers who compete to provide a diverse array of perspectives. Boost’s proprietary software identifies opportunities for creative optimization and drives performance using a combination of workflow tools and algorithms. Headquartered in San Francisco, the Boost Media optimization platform provides fresh, performance-driven creative in 12 localized languages worldwide.